What Our Graduates Are Saying About The Super Stocks Community

Jonas Lim, Senior Director
I started investing 4 years ago and did a variety of activities which included options and value investing. It was frustrating because the returns did not make sense for the kind of effort I put in. 
That's when I decided to come back to fundamentals. I set out two very clear objectives when I joined the Super Stocks Investors. First is to learn the right way to invest and achieve consistent returns of 15 - 30% annual returns. Second is to contribute and give back in any way possible. Like many, I did not expect myself to achieve a multi-bagger. Now, I am able to generate more returns and the time spent is lesser.
Yun Bing, Educator
I was previously investing in unit trusts and local stocks, often with mixed returns. I was afraid to invest in overseas stocks because I felt it would be too risky.
This limiting belief was broken when I exceeded the initial return target I set for myself when I joined the Super Stocks Investors. It was a transformative experience because it changed my mindset. Now, I believe it is possible to achieve a 100% return although it requires courage. I constantly remind myself that it is the fundamentals that matter at the end of the day. Most importantly, I am now confident in staying on course to grow my portfolio.
Raymond Koh, Engineer
Before joining the Super Stocks Investors, I invested my money in unit trusts with financial advisors. The experience taught me that no one cared about my money other than myself. 
I joined the Super Stocks Investors as I always strongly believed that a large portion of my assets/net worth would be in equities as I grow older. I feel grateful and happy now that I have achieved a multi-bagger - realizing the power of growth investing is my greatest takeaway. Now that I can spot multi-bagger businesses, I feel that the portfolio size goal I set for myself suddenly feels much more achievable within my targeted time frame. 
Clifton Choo, Realtor
I previously tried my hand at stock investing and forex trading but I mainly relied on my friends for advice. Otherwise, it was just pure speculation. That's why I ended up purchasing many stocks that lost me money. I didn't know anything about valuation and didn't have a framework to rely on.
I saw an opportunity in growth investing and needed a mentor to guide me. While I found other stock gurus in the market, I chose the Super Stocks Investors as I liked the sincerity and passion in both Kelvin and Jonathan, which I honestly cannot find in others. When I got my first multi-bagger, I was excited! It is possible only because I followed the Super Stocks framework. Now I am looking to add more multi-baggers to my portfolio, and I know anything is possible with the Super Stocks Investors!
Cherine Tiong, Civil Servant
Before joining the Super Stocks Investors, I lost money from the stock market. I traded in Singapore indices and stocks but did badly. That was when I attended a webinar by Kelvin which showed me about growth companies. It opened my mind, and I wanted to grow my net worth together with these companies.
I decided to join the community because I'm looking forward to quitting my job and being financially free. I also wanted to retire my husband as he has been working so hard all these years for the family. In the past, I never thought I could achieve a multi-bagger. It took me by surprise. Getting my first multi-bagger gave me the belief that I could achieve financial freedom earlier. Instead of 8 years, I will challenge myself to achieve it in 5 years or less!
Yan Ting, Supply Chain Specialist
Before joining the Super Stocks Investors, I made around 10% returns from REITs and SGX Stock picks, and also lost some money in a Pre-IPO investment deal. That was when I realised that it was very important to follow mentors and communities who were actively looking at companies in the new economy today.
When I first started using the Super Stocks framework, I was confused because I wasn’t 100% sure it would work for me. But at the same time, it was an exciting and energetic experience! I never expected to be able to get a multi-bagger! Knowing now that it is achievable, I am feeling very inspired, but I know that I must keep the discipline to stay invested and remain open to new ideas. Develop your conviction, buy and most importantly, be patient. 
Terence Seah, Accountant
I joined the Super Stocks Investors in early 2019. I had a health condition that made it tough to sustain a corporate job. I tapped into investing to increase my savings as the cost of living in Singapore gets more expensive.
I was motivated to join the Super Stocks Investors because I had faith in the instructors whom I knew from another investment course. They are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I learnt how it is possible to attain multi-baggers constantly with the right framework. I feel thrilled that there is more to come!
Jared Chua, Assistant Manager
I first tried investing in SGX when I was 18, but lost interest because the returns were stagnant. I also dabbled in cryptocurrency but was following it blindly and unable to replicate my returns - there was just no framework. Entering international markets was completely unthinkable before joining the Super Stocks Investors.
I followed the Super Stocks framework and did my own qualitative work, not expecting to get a multi-bagger in such a short time! The real goal is to have my portfolio become a multi-bagger. I'm just getting started! 
Mark Teo, Civil Servant
Investing is my way to earn more to provide my family with a better life. Previously, I tried reading books and investing on my own. However, these attempts brought me nowhere. I was having doubts about myself.
When I started with the Super Stocks Investors, I was excited. I changed my entire approach towards investing. Now, I hold a long-term view of my companies. I am confident that I can find companies that will do much better now that I've joined the Super Stocks Investors. With this community, I am able to tap into the collective knowledge of everyone.
Keng Fang, Full-time Investor
I was already an investor before I joined the Super Stocks Investors. Most of my ideas came from my friends or hearsay from some investment gurus. I also attended other courses and the support was very poor. My investment returns back then were inconsistent. On a net-net basis, I was making losses.
Through a recommendation from my mentor, I joined the Super Stocks Investors. The Super Stocks framework is a powerful and systematic process to analyze companies. Following it gave me confidence in my research. My biggest mindset shift was to focus on valuations instead of the share price. Right now, I will continue to learn and enhance my investment knowledge!
Brent Seow, Interior Designer
Honestly, when I first started investing, it felt scary because it seemed like it was all about numbers and graphs. Often, I didn't dare to step out to invest as it felt like too much of a risk.
My fiancée and I were excited to try out the Super Stocks framework, hoping it would get us some results. Initially, I was scared, confused, and lost at the start, but thankfully I found my way with the guidance of the Super Stocks community. I was really impressed and proud that my efforts paid off. From doubting myself to achieving such results, I now have more confidence in the companies I am convicted about. I have full belief in the Super Stocks Investors and their framework!
Clive Choo, Financial Advisor
I joined the Super Stocks Investors to become a multidisciplinary thinker, while growing my wealth of investment knowledge. I was not expecting to get a multi-bagger at the start. It was a bit scary in the beginning, but I followed their framework closely.
Today, I have earned the amount that was equivalent to the income I lost from not having a job after a year. However, I still believe the journey is just starting for me. At times, I feel the urge to take profits when I see my gains in the stock market. But investing is really psychological and I’m glad I got a chance to learn through the amazing community. Being financially free in my mid 30’s does not seem so impossible now.