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Super Stocks Secrets

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Want more out of your investment returns so that you can reach your financial goals faster? Tune in to our podcast as Jonathan Ang and Kelvin Seetoh share more about the elusive and fast-growing Super Stocks that...

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INTV03: Achieving Outsized Returns Through Unconventional Trading Methods W/ Michael Lipka

Episode #16

Michael Lipka is a shrewd, self-taught investor who compounded his money at an average return of 89.03% from 2009 to 2020. He is based in Colorado, USA and he is the founder of DeskRiser.In this episode, Michael Lipka...
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INTV02: The "Mystery" of Investing Simplified - A Step-by-step Guide W/ Chong Ser Jing

Episode #15

In this must-listen episode, Ser Jing, who is the co-founder of The Compounder Fund, elaborates on the 6 main criteria that he uses in order to pick out the best growth companies for his fund.We also talked a lot...
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INTV01: How To Identify A High Growth Company W/ Robin Speziale

Episode #14

In this episode, Robin will share his background story on how he got interested in investing, how he used some unconventional investing methods to beat the market consistently for the past few years and which...
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FEAT07: The "Ups" And "Downs" Of My Investing Journey

Episode #13

In this episode, I was interviewed by Nana and I share about:⁣⁣-How one can earn thousands of dollars at a young age ⁣⁣-My investing downfalls⁣⁣-Why there is never a better time to invest⁣⁣For more about Nana:⁣⁣⁣FB:...
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FEAT06: How This Investor Made 134k USD In 1 Company

Episode #12

In this podcast today I have a special guest who has been my good friend for a long time. He has a youtube channel called "Chicken Genius" and he is very into disruptive companies. In fact, recently, he made $134k USD...
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FEAT05: IMF Declares Recession! What To Do & What To Buy?

Episode #11

In this podcast, I was interviewed by Nana and we talked about the current market situation.⁣⁣In this podcast we talked about:⁣⁣-The current crazy stock market situation and how you can profit from it⁣⁣-How investing...
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FEAT04: The Power of Positive Thinking

Episode #10

In this podcast today I have a special guest, Rayson Choo. During the day, he works as a nurse and during the night, he comes out and shares a lot on personal development..He has a podcast called the Raygacy show and...
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FEAT03: My Simple 3-Step (Don’t) D.I.E. Framework - Avoid Investing In Sh*tty Companies In 1 Min!

Episode #9

My simple 3-Step (don’t) D.I.E. Framework - avoid buying sh*tty companies, plus bonus tips to raising cash!I was fortunate to have Daryl Ng join my Podcast!So I shared my 3-step “D.I.E” Framework to avoid investing in...
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FEAT02:The Myths of Investing DEBUNKED

Episode #8

In this podcast, I have specially invited Daryl to share how he got started on his investing journey for someone who had zero knowledge on investing.Listen to My Podcast Here:Apple Podcast:...
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TIP06: How You Can Prepare & Profit From A Recession!

Episode #7

Weeks back, and I were invited to money FM 89.3 to talk about how you can prepare yourself for recession.In the episode, we talked about:1) When a recession is coming?2) Should we time the market?3) Are...
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FEAT01: Why Every Student Must Take A Gap Year To Not Lose Out!

Episode #6

In this episode, I have invited a guest speaker Jonathan Ng to the show. Both Jonathan Ng and I have taken gap years and we explain why we think every student MUST take a gap year. Ever since we have taken our gap...
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TIP05: Is Woods Square A Threat To Frasers Centrepoint Trust?

Episode #5

The 5 things I learnt from Frasers Centrepoint Trust 3Q 2019 ResultsListen to My Podcast Here:Apple Podcast:
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