INTV04: Investing As A Fund Manager W/ Goh Tee Leng

Episode #17

Goh Tee Leng is a portfolio manager of a value-focused investment fund based in Singapore, with more than 5 years of experience. He is a frequent guest speaker at institutions such as University College London (UCL) and Singapore Management University (SMU), and at investment conferences held in Singapore and Jakarta.

In this episode, Tee Leng shares about his experience as a fund manager, how to look at cyclical industries, and his thoughts about Chinese companies.

We also discussed some of the ways that his strategy as a "deep value" investor has evolved over time - and how it relates to his work as a fund manager. Listen on to find out more!

Time markers:

[00:00] Introduction

[01:17] Background as Fund Manager

[09:01] The Average Day of a Fund Manager

[13:00] Perspective on China

[25:09] Evolving as a Fund Manager

[34:40] Why Did Warren Buffett Invest in Snowflake

[43:20] Sell Discipline

[52:57] If He Had a Time Machine?

[57:30] How to Contact Him

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