INTV06: How To Achieve Multi-Baggers W/ Maxime

Episode #19

Maxime is a full-time investor that started out without any finance background. He worked multiple jobs while learning how to invest and eventually beat the odds, achieving jaw-dropping returns of 134% in 2020 last year.

In this episode, he revealed his investment frame which he took more than 10 years to formulate so that you are able to select amazing companies that will eventually deliver outsized returns for you. You will learn about his views on portfolio allocation and whether macro-economics play a huge part in his investing life.

As a bonus, you will hear about a unique and unnoticed company that is poised to grow its revenue in the next few quarters!

Listen on to find out more!

Time Markers:

00:01:50 - How He Started & How He Got His Passion For Investing

00:10:28 - His Investment Strategy & What Kind Of Companies He Invests In

00:20:10 - What Keeps Him From Cashing Out When Stocks Go Up

00:26:14 - The Reveal: A Company That The Market Hasn't Noticed

00:28:14 - What He Think of Loss Making Companies

00:34:03 - Which Sectors Does He Avoid

00:35:44 - What KPIs He Looks At To Analyse Management

00:40:44 - how Can An Ordinary Investor Generate Great Returns

00:43:44 - How He Deals With Market Noise

00:45:41 - Whether He Holds Cash or Holds Stocks

00:48:04 - His Biggest Investment Lessons

00:56:08 - More About Him & Parting Words

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