INTV07: How To Spot Great Management & Decide On Portfolio Concentration W/ Teik Khai

Episode #20

Teik Khai is one of the most generous investors I've known. He coaches people out of his own time while juggling his own demanding work. He also regularly donates to worthy causes, and adds a lot of value to both mine, and many of his friends' investing processes. Finally, I've managed to do a podcast with this amazing investor!

In this episode, Teik Khai looks back on his investing journey that started back in 2007, and how he has grown as an investor. Having experienced several investing challenges in his journey, he reflects on them, giving advice to all retail investors out there as well. He also shares about what he looks for in potential multi-baggers and loss-making companies.

BONUS: He mentions a few juicy tips on how to evaluate quality CEOS so make sure you don't miss out!

Listen on to find out more!

Time Markers:

00:05:03 - Common Characteristics of Multi-Baggers

00:09:00 - Industries To Look Into & Industries To Avoid

00:12:25 - Key Qualities of Great CEOs

00:15:19 - His Portfolio Allocation & Being Comfortable With Big Positions

00:25:26 - His Biggest Investing Mistakes

00:31:34 - How To Find Opportunities That Provide You With High Returns

00:39:35 - Stocks As Generational Wealth

00:46:54 - Slowing Down After Reaching Your Portfolio Target

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