CEO01: Making Cell & Gene Therapy Accessible To All W/ The CEO of Orgenesis, Vered Caplan

Episode #21

Vered Caplan is the CEO of Orgenesis, a fast-growing company in the gene and cell industry. Known as a visionary, she elaborates on her idea of decentralised cleanrooms to improve patient affordability and accessibility for many therapies out there.

In addition, she also shares more about the growth potential and the competitive advantages of its business model.

For more information about Orgenesis, visit their website at

Listen on to find out more!

Time Markers:

00:01:07 -- Introduction of Vered Caplan

00:05:49 -- Orgenesis’ Value Proposition to the Cell and Gene Industry

00:11:42 -- How Vered Got Her Conviction for Decentralised Cleanrooms

00:20:16 -- How Decentralised Cleanrooms is More Profitable and Scalable

00:28:08 -- What is Orgenesis Mobile Processing Units and Labs (OMPUL)? 00:34:07 -- The Growth and Deployment of OMPULs

00:37:04 -- The People of Orgenesis

00:43:06 -- What is the “Moat” of Orgenesis?

00:50:12 -- How Orgenesis Manages Its Portfolio of Therapies

00:52:52 -- How Vered Views Her Portfolio of Therapies

00:56:23 -- Why the Financials of Orgenesis is Misunderstood

01:02:55 -- Her Personal Sacrifice

01:08:54 -- More about Orgenesis

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