CEO02: Crafting A Future In The Premium Spirits Market W/ The CFO of Eastside Distilling, Geoffrey Gwin

Episode #22

Geoffrey Gwin is the Chief Financial Officer of Eastside Distilling, a NASDAQ-listed company.

Eastside Distilling has two business segments. One is called Craft Canning + Bottling while the other is a spirit division consisting of brands such as Azunia Tequila, Burnside Whiskey, Portland Potato Vodka

In today's podcast, we explore a wide range of topics such as talent acquisition, the changing landscape of the spirits industry, and the future prospects of the company..

For more information about Eastside Distilling, visit their website at

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Time Markers:

00:01:04 -- The Background of Geoffrey Gwin

00:09:52 -- How to Attract Talents as a Small Company

00:15:27 -- The Culture of Eastside Distilling

00:21:17 -- Carving out a Market Niche

00:31:44 -- Going Beyond the Superficial Financial Statements

00:40:48 -- Growth Plans of Eastside Distilling

00:46:27 -- Is Inventory Supply Able to Meet Demand?

00:52:44 -- Eastside Distilling In The Next 3-5 Years


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