CEO03: Building An All-In-One Platform For The Restaurant Industry W/ The CEO of PAR Tech, Savneet Singh

Episode #23

Savneet Singh is the CEO of PAR Technology, a market leader when it comes to restaurant Point-Of-Sale solutions. Known as the one who turned PAR's business around when it went south, he shares about the cloud transition for the restaurant industry, and technological investments that restaurants are taking in the midst of this digital era.

He also elaborates more on how he sees PAR's Software-As-A-Platform strategy panning out in the next few years, and his offense strategy for PAR.

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Time Markers:

00:01:23 - History Of PAR & How Savneet Became The CEO

00:04:47 - Savneet’s Entrepreneurial Background & PAR's Advantage

00:08:01 - Future Plans For PAR And Becoming A Leader In The Industry

00:10:46 - PAR’s Software-as-a-Platform Strategy

00:14:45 - Upsides To PAR’s Platform & Why Restaurants Would Adopt Them

00:17:21 - Total Addressable Market For PAR’s Product

00:19:29 - Challenges Of Acquiring Other Businesses in PAR

00:22:01 - Breakdown on Potential Addressable Market and Unit Economics

00:23:33 - PAR’s Plans For Future Acquisitions & More On Their Buy-and-Build Model

00:26:35 - His Take On Compensation Policies For Employees

00:29:53 - Building a Decentralised Management Structure

00:32:03 - Building New Products and Going Offensive

00:33:51 - Value Proposition of PAR Pay

00:36:09 - Expected Adoption Rate of PAR Pay

00:36:38 - Where He Sees PAR 5 Years From Today

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