CEO04: Powering Our EV Future: Interview W/ the CEO & CFO of Nuvve, Gregory Poilasne & David Robson

Episode #24

Gregory Poilasne and David Robson are the CEO and CFO of Nuvve Corporation, an up and coming player in the energy industry. Nuvve is on a mission to relieve the load on the electrical grid by using idle electric vehicles (EV) with their patented Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. In this podcast, Nuvve’s management shares with us Nuvve’s business model, growth drivers and their total addressable market.

They also elaborate more on how their new joint partnership with Stonepeak will take NVVE to the next level, as well as their plans for the future.

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Time markers:

00:01:41 - How NVVE Started & What Drives The Management

00:03:54 - How and Why NVVE's Business Model Works

00:11:08 - NVVE's Profitability & How It's Achieved

00:15:15 - Why NVVE's Solution Is Going To Be Mission Critical In The Next 5-10 Years

00:15:15 - NVVE's Software Strategy & How It Benefits The EV Market

00:21:45 - NVVE: Hype or The Future?

00:25:45 - NVVE's Joint Partnership W/ Stonepeak & Their Plans For The Future

00:37:26 - All About NVVE's V2G Patent & How It Taps Into Different Markets To Benefit Them

00:56:15 - NVVE's Value To The EV Market

01:00:48 - Growth Opportunities That NVVE Has In The Future

01:02:45 - Their Take On Potential Plans For Expansion To Asia

01:05:53 - NVVE's Future Plans & Goals For The Next 5-10 Years

01:11:04 - Potential Challenges That NVVE Will Face

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