CEO05: Mapping Out The 3D World: An Interview W/ The CEO of Pointerra, Ian Olson

Episode #25

Ian Olson is the CEO of Pointerra, a disrupter of the 3D data management industry that is listed in Australia. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company is creating a powerful, cloud-based solution that makes 3D data easier to manage, process and analyse. In this podcast, he will share with us about what Pointerra offers to their customers, their US expansion strategy, and also their edge over the competition.

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Time Markers:

00:01:26 - Why Ian Started Pointerra

00:06:15 - How Pointerra Got The “Elon Musk Of Australia” To Invest In Them

00:10:12 - What Is And Why Customers Need It

00:15:21 - Pointerra’s Future Plans For

00:19:50 - Why Pointerra Acquired Airovant And How It Will Benefit The Company

00:27:35 - Pointerra’s Expansion Strategy In The US

00:31:59 - Why Pointerra’s Price Has Been Volatile & Whether There’s A Cause For Worry

00:38:25 - Pointerra’s Software Onboarding Process

00:41:42 - The Total Addressable Market For Pointerra And Why It’s Something To Look Out For

00:50:53 - Pointerra’s Edge Over Its Competition

00:58:56 - Has The Market Misunderstood Pointerra?

01:02:37 - 3 Challenges For Pointerra And Their Solutions

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