INTV08: Being a Full-Time Investor W/ Thomas Chua

Episode #27

Thomas Chua is a content creator and investor who is on a mission to empower more individuals to become better investors. From a young age, he fought hard to lift his family out of a life of poverty and continues to compound his wealth even today, as a Full-Time Investor. In this podcast, he shares about his journey, the investment framework he favors, how he looks at loss-making companies as well as his thoughts on Chinese stocks such as Alibaba.

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Time Markers:

00:01:27 - Why Thomas Started Steady Compounding

00:03:52 - Thomas’ Journey To Becoming An Investor

00:07:11 - Why He Left His Job To Become A Full-Time Investor (FTI)

00:10:47 - What His Life Is Like As A FTI

00:13:04 - His Investing Framework And How It Has Evolved Over The Years

00:19:35 - The Mistakes He’s Made So Far And How It Has Shaped Him As An Investor

00:22:27 - Thomas’ Mental Model In Handling A Volatile Market

00:25:32 - His Thoughts On The Chinese Market

00:32:16 - Does The “Price” Of The Market Influence His Decisions To Invest?

00:35:15 - Bonus Questions!

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