INTV09: How To Grow Exponentially As An Investor W/ Max Koh

Episode #28

Max Koh is a self-taught investor, who grew his portfolio to a whopping 7-figures from scratch. With his focused, growth-driven personality, he has managed to reach financial freedom before the young age of 30, even while working in a 9-5 job at the same time. In this podcast, he shares about what drives him, his role models for investing, as well as an expensive investing mistake that taught him many life-changing lessons.

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00:01:44 - When And How Max Became An Investor

00:06:18 - Max’s Thoughts On Twitter As A Platform

00:08:49 - What Drives Him As A Person

00:11:43 - His 3 Investing Role Models And How They’ve Impacted Him

00:18:33 - All About Max’s Investing Framework

00:24:14 - How A Investing Mistake Has Shaped Him As An Investor

00:36:38 - His Thoughts On Handling Volatility In The Market

00:39:22 - How Max “Future-Proofs” His Portfolio In An Everchanging World

00:47:16 - What Max Wants To Achieve In The Next 3-5 Years

00:51:39 - Max’s Tips On How To Become A Better Investor

For more information about Max, do visit his Twitter at @heymaxkoh