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Super Stocks Secrets

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Want more out of your investment returns so that you can reach your financial goals faster? Tune in to our podcast as Jonathan Ang and Kelvin Seetoh share more about the elusive and fast-growing Super Stocks that...

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INTV09: How To Grow Exponentially As An Investor W/ Max Koh

Episode #28

Max Koh is a self-taught investor, who grew his portfolio to a whopping 7-figures from scratch. With his focused, growth-driven personality, he has managed to reach financial freedom before the young age of 30, even...
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INTV08: Being a Full-Time Investor W/ Thomas Chua

Episode #27

Thomas Chua is a content creator and investor who is on a mission to empower more individuals to become better investors. From a young age, he fought hard to lift his family out of a life of poverty and continues to...
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CEO06: Making Van Life Accessible To All W/ The CEO of Camplify

Episode #26

Justin Hales is the CEO of Camplify, a Peer to Peer Recreational Vehicle (RV) Marketplace that just recently IPO-ed in Australia this year. In this podcast, he shares about their business model & marketing...
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CEO05: Mapping Out The 3D World: An Interview W/ The CEO of Pointerra, Ian Olson

Episode #25

Ian Olson is the CEO of Pointerra, a disrupter of the 3D data management industry that is listed in Australia. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company is creating a powerful, cloud-based solution that makes 3D data...
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CEO04: Powering Our EV Future: Interview W/ the CEO & CFO of Nuvve, Gregory Poilasne & David Robson

Episode #24

Gregory Poilasne and David Robson are the CEO and CFO of Nuvve Corporation, an up and coming player in the energy industry. Nuvve is on a mission to relieve the load on the electrical grid by using idle electric...
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CEO03: Building An All-In-One Platform For The Restaurant Industry W/ The CEO of PAR Tech, Savneet Singh

Episode #23

Savneet Singh is the CEO of PAR Technology, a market leader when it comes to restaurant Point-Of-Sale solutions. Known as the one who turned PAR's business around when it went south, he shares about the cloud...
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CEO02: Crafting A Future In The Premium Spirits Market W/ The CFO of Eastside Distilling, Geoffrey Gwin

Episode #22

Geoffrey Gwin is the Chief Financial Officer of Eastside Distilling, a NASDAQ-listed company.Eastside Distilling has two business segments. One is called Craft Canning + Bottling while the other is a spirit division...
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CEO01: Making Cell & Gene Therapy Accessible To All W/ The CEO of Orgenesis, Vered Caplan

Episode #21

Vered Caplan is the CEO of Orgenesis, a fast-growing company in the gene and cell industry. Known as a visionary, she elaborates on her idea of decentralised cleanrooms to improve patient affordability and...
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INTV07: How To Spot Great Management & Decide On Portfolio Concentration W/ Teik Khai

Episode #20

Teik Khai is one of the most generous investors I've known. He coaches people out of his own time while juggling his own demanding work. He also regularly donates to worthy causes, and adds a lot of value to both...
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INTV06: How To Achieve Multi-Baggers W/ Maxime

Episode #19

Maxime is a full-time investor that started out without any finance background. He worked multiple jobs while learning how to invest and eventually beat the odds, achieving jaw-dropping returns of 134% in 2020 last...
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INTV05: Life As A Full Time Investor W/ Kelvin Soh

Episode #18

Kelvin Soh is a full-time investor and senior analyst with 10x Capital. He specializes in finding high-growth businesses with a focus on software companies. This has enabled him to generate a compounded annual return...
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INTV04: Investing As A Fund Manager W/ Goh Tee Leng

Episode #17

Goh Tee Leng is a portfolio manager of a value-focused investment fund based in Singapore, with more than 5 years of experience. He is a frequent guest speaker at institutions such as University College London (UCL)...
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