With close to 2,000 investors, we are the largest growth investing community in Singapore. 

Super Stocks Investors is a growth investing community with its support team of dedicated, full-time investors.

We find excellent companies that are at the forefront of innovation across all sectors, including e-commerce, biotechnology, and information technology. Our extensive research process takes us beyond our local shores to meet top-performing investors and CEOs of global companies to gain valuable insights. 

 By tapping on the collective expertise of our community, we ensure that we only invest in the best, high-growth companies in the world.

Who We Are

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Kelvin Seetoh

Kelvin Seetoh is a self-taught full-time investor with extensive knowledge of listed companies across Asia-Pacific and the United States. He was previously an analyst for a licensed fund that had outperformed the stock market benchmarks. 

At the age of 24, Kelvin grew his investment portfolio to over half a million. Since then, he has created his second million-dollar portfolio called The Hedgehog Portfolio

Known for his ability to break down complex investing concepts, Kelvin's blog articles have generated over 450,000 views globally. 

Kelvin started the Super Stock Investors to help others embark on their investment journey. His favourite activities include hiking and enjoying good music. He mostly invests in the e-commerce industry.

Co-Founder & Chief of Marketing

Jonathan Ang

Jonathan started dabbling in value investing at the age of 17 after learning how Warren Buffett compounded his wealth. Building upon the principles he learned from the world's greatest investor, Jonathan subsequently refined his investment strategy to focus on growth investing. 

With a background in Engineering, Jonathan loves to deep dive into technology-driven companies. He has a keen interest in data analytics, cyber security, and the EV industry. 

Jonathan regularly shares his wealth of insights and research in bite-sized videos on his Youtube channel InvestwithJang, garnering more than 600,000 views globally to date. 

Together with the team of full-time investors, Jonathan strives to grow a community of learners passionate about Super Stocks.